Let's Get Hive On Blockfolio

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We have shown how strong we can be in the past and I know we can do it countless times. Another opportunity is around the corner and I think we shouldn't miss this. Blockfolio runs a contest in which the coin which is voted the most gets listed.

Blockfolio is the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and the best thing is that it is totally free. Blockfolio has over 5 million downloads on play store with over 90k reviews. This clearly implies that a large number of people watch and keep track of the coins listed there.

You can not trade your hive coins on blockfolio but you can surely keep a track of your holdings and receive important updates from the team leaders. If hive gets listed on blockfolio, it will really be a nice step forwards.

Steps to follow:

That's it you're done.

All of us want hive to be successful but in order to make it so, we need to act and promote it as much as we can.

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