This Is My Last Steem-Exclusive Post... What An End To An Era

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I wish there was an emoji with both a smile & a tear

because that's exactly how I feel right now...

I'm excited... But I'm also pretty sad...
I love Steem. Yes, love, not past-tense. I love the tech. I love the people. I love the concept. But, unfortunately, all of that has been put into the back of a moving van. I want to continue loving that stuff, so I feel it's only reasonable I travel along with that van.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at the van-drivers.
In fact, I'd like to take the unconventional act of divorcing all anger from this post. What's the point of yelling anymore. Yelling to me has always been a sorta crude tool used in order to achieve something. Squeaky wheel and all that. But that "achievement" is already being fulfilled, so let's take some time off from yelling & just be calm.

It is, what it is.
In my personal opinion, DPoS is not a stable long-term solution to governance, in it's current form. That's why part of my new activities on Hive will be fighting for an improved system. I personally get the feeling that Hive will be more welcome to this sorts of changes, hence why I won't be wasting my breath fighting for my opinions on Steem any longer.

Censorship is a losing game.
The abundance of technology in our lives has enabled something that we've never truly been able to obtain on a global-scale: user preference.

Don't like Facebook? Switch to Twitter. No? How about Minds? Gab? Fuck it, I think MySpace is still around.

Oh, wait, I get it, you want something personal. A space matching 100% of your ideas. Ok, fine. Hop onto YouTube / Udemy / Lynda / StackOverflow & start learning some code. Next, find an open-source social media codebase ( mastodon is one of many ). Now, build it to your hearts content.

That's what amazes me about today. I have the power to create the products I want to see in the world. If a platform begins censoring things I want access to, I'm able to pick up & move to a better alternative ( in most cases, looking at you YouTube :/ ).

The recent censoring of the Steem platform has made me move to more "open" pastures.
That's not to say I'll 100% never come grazing in these fields ever again. I'll probably hop back in from time to time & just say "Hi". After all, this really just feels like an awkward breakup. I still love Steem, but I don't think I should anymore...

Ah Fuck... I Have To Do That Thing, Don't I? || yeah... I gotta give some shout-outs

It's only fair to give thanks to those that made my time here for all these years fun & enjoyable, all the way through the memes & the drama.
Don't get too salty about who's on this list, it's just a list.

  • Thanks @berniesanders, for the chaos you brought. I think I heard your name associated more with downvote-wars than anyone else here.
  • Thanks @emrebeyler, @yabapmatt, and @stoodkev for being the type of developers I inspire to be: committed, hard-working, and passionate about their projects
  • Thanks @whatsup for the DRAMA & the memes :^)
  • Thanks to @justineh for being one of the super kind people on here that's not afraid to speak their mind
  • Thanks to @theycallmedan for showing what true committment & belief is in a platform & community
  • Thanks to @streetstyle for hosting the awesome SPUD day events. They are such a fun community-building cause!
  • Thanks to @enjar, @cadawg, @overkillcoin, & @bluerobo for providing quality content, engaing, and overall just being cool people :^)
  • Thanks to the whole @steempeak team, you're dedication is very much appreciated, and I'm excited to see you on peakd ;^)
  • Thanks to @ecoinstant & @thecrazygm for letting me into the @lootkit team. I can't wait to build that out into a fully functioning business & make it something truly special.
  • Shoutout To Any & ALL Steemians I've Interacted With & Thank You ALL For Your Amazing Content & Warm Welcomes | I'd have a list 1,000 names long if I tagged each of you!
Literally, just thank you to everyone. Those moving, those staying, those that left a long while ago... I don't even care what side you're on anymore, thanks for making this place what it was.




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Great to see so many people moving to Hive, the hype is real 😁 See you there!