Hive Is Alive

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There's A Buzz In The Air

Hive is happening. Hive is coming. Hive is... interesting.


🕛 The Unfortunate Past || what's happened

It's been kind of a nasty history for us...

Whether it be the annoying "ninja-mined" that has consistently split the community in regards to it potential danger, the legitimacy of it's existence, or it's "freeze" / "don't freeze" status. Or perhaps the downvote / flag wars. Or should we touch on the "reward-pool-rape"?

Steem has had a ton of issues. I don't deny that, but I also don't regret it. The only one thing I regret about this platform, is the lack of action.

We are a new technology, I expect issues. But I also expect fixes, innovations, movement. For a long while Steem stayed stagnate.

The past was ugly, but I'm glad we're finally moving.

🕒 The Here & Now || what's present

Steem still has benefits, even if it became totally centralized.

We allow for people to easily earn income from their posts. We have a super easy developer SDK. We offer semi-free storage for dapps. These are amazing features, whether or not we remain decentralized.

However, I personally prefer decentralization due to it's insane freedom that it provides. I want my future home to be decentralized, which is why I'm choosing to support Hive.

To keep it honest & real, I don't know what the future will be, I just want it to be decentralized.

🕕 The Near Future || what's coming

Hive could become the best out there. It could also be the worst.

I'm choosing to stay neutral in my words, but hopeful in my actions. I'm supporting Hive not because I think it's a fool-proof future bet, but because I want it to become one.

I will not sing its praises until I see its praises.

I will be porting dapps, games, and posts to Hive. I want that to become my future home. But we will have to wait & see.

I'm not doing this for maximum gains, I'm doing this for maximum potential.


🦶 Footnote:

I'm head-down into my development projects right now. Stay safe everyone. Protect your health, protect your holdings. See you all, wherever you go :^)


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