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RE: Hive fork announcement (@smooth and @burnpost)

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I don't think the supply numbers themselves make much difference. The larger community does and not having a largest and by far dominant stakeholder which was an unaccountable and arguably bad actor for at least 2-3 of those four years makes a big difference. I am optimistic, but there are no guarantees of success for any crypto. Objectively speaking, experience with many projects and coins suggest that the odds are long and the challenge extreme, but possible.


There are definitely no guarantees... I am hoping that having a wide range of active accounts will make a difference though, and potentially the steem stuck out on the exchanges not getting a drop might too.

I was searching for some reports and came across this:

"25 reasons Steem will replace bitcoin"

Where is Jerry... ;D

Jerry was a special man per se.
Some how He had a witness and you can feel something was not right with him.

A witness is just a server. It isn't hard to run. Much harder to code.

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