HIVE incoming!

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HIVE incoming!

I’m stoked for HIVE. It’s impressive to see the community come together and take the lead on this project we called the ‘Steem Blockchain’. Although I stopped posting last year i’ve kept a close eye on developments. Big appreciation for the amount of work that must have gone into this HF and everything that goes along with it.

My SP will be powering down and I’ll be selling all STEEM as soon as possible.

I’ll be looking at re-starting and porting my older projects to work on HIVE. Particularly FinallyComments ( which I still believe has the opportunity to a great addition to the chain eco-system. FC needs a serious overhaul to make it maintainable long term. No promises.

For the past 6months I’ve been putting my development efforts into and our new product, The Building App. Check us out if you’re interested.

Aiming to start some updates again on HIVE to help forward the new platform.

See you on HIVE ✌️


Good to see you're coming to HIVE. :)

Thanks mate, looking forward to seeing how everything plays out.

What's the best way to sell liquid Steem? Through block trades, or deposit to Binance and trade for BTC..?

It's probably pretty negligible. Likely you could get a better deal on Binance if you have a large quantity. Whichever is easier for you or whichever biz you want to support with your fees.

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