Welcome HIVE - up to a better future?! Some open questions - and some suggestions

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I am looking forward to this new chapter in the book of decentralised communities.

I have a few open questions though:

  1. What happens to funds which are currently in conversion. Will they count as well, and at which rate?

  2. How do you deal with SBD (or HBD)? You need a market cap to calculate the cap. Or will you calculate the market cap as zero initially - given that there is no market cap.

  3. What will DApp owners need to do initially to move to the new chain - is it enough to simply change the node?

  4. Will the be also the equivalent of the Steem Proposal System? I guess yes as you are forking the current version of Steem, there will also be a HIVE Proposal System. Will this get additional funds?

  5. Who will take care of new users, if STINC does not do this anymore?

  6. Why do you not fork using the current test version which includes also SMTs or HMTs? Too risky? Or not on the agenda anymore.

And also some suggestions:

  1. Rethink inflation and the way it is currently distributed. I think the fact that we have no constant seller as STINC was is great - but from my personal view, the basic currency should have much lower inflation.

  2. Try to include the community as much as possible - I guess this one goes without saying

  3. Build tools that give normal users the possibility to help with onboarding. At the moment I can create users on my own, but I always need to set it up for somebody. It would be great if I could use my claimed accounts with some type of link, which I can use to send to friends.
    But enough for this now, I am really looking forward to future - and I am convinced that most users will do so as well!

All the best, and hive on,

@hiveio @blocktrades


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