You buy a lottery ticket - win millions - lose the ticket - somebody else picks it up #steem / #hive

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It must hurt

Imagine you were Justin Sun and bought a lottery ticket called steemit inc. from the (imaginary) steem-lottery and you watch the drawing ... these are your numbers.
You know it for sure!!!

All numbers are a perfect match - but to be sure let's check the ticket.

Where is it?

Justin can't find the f_cking ticket to ensure these were my number they just draw!
Justin knows for sure he made millions with this purchase!!!
Is it really gone???

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Meanwhile in a parallel universe

I found this (imaginary) hive-lottery ticket today.
Let's check the results.

I won the jackpot!!!

It's unbelievable - #hive will save us all.
No censorship, really witnesses, chances for all!!!

In short: the diamond #steem got lost but the even bigger diamond #hive will be available in some hours.

P.S.: this post has nothing to do with my euro jackpot lottery contest 🤣


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My precious little steem baby has a growspark into hive.