Hello Friends - News and more, please read!

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Hi Friends!

If You don't know yet - I moved my actions and posting to HIVE and currently using peakD platform as my main platform which is great!

I really recommend You to join Hive environment and use PeakD - it is not sponsored adverts of any kind!

I just wanted You to know why I stopped posting here.

Other thing is, HIVE almost hit a milestone this night - was worth almost 1$ !

If You are thinking about blogging in blockchain platforms - try it, take the risk, many great projects moved there already and as we can see, investors are also interested in this platform.

I am not telling You to leave STEEM, You can use both , I am just saying - it is a great time to move if You think about getting better money and some brighter future of social platforms in blockchain environment.

You will do what You wan't, just don't be sorry later ;)...

Below, few shots from my last forest explorations...

Stay safe!




See You on HIVE!

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