I'm moving away are you?

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I've been watching the back and forth on Steem / Steemit for the last week and a bit, it has been interesting to watch to say the least. @Blocktrades announced that they are doing a hard fork and creating a replica chain because they don't see a productive way forward with Justin.

I'm in agreeance, the current stalemate that we find ourselves in means that the platform is stagnating, updates can't occur, improvements can't be made.. so we're stuck. I'm pretty happy with the way blocktrades outlined the new setup, so I'll be moving across and won't be posting any new content here on Steem.

If you would like to continue following my travel work and stories then it would be awesome if you would join us when they make the switch this Friday!

See you on the otherside!

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Hell yeah! :))

Friday will be the last day for me to post anything to Steem. Well, maybe I could shitpost something to dump the rewards if Sun wants to try and bribe people to stay.

That's a great image. At what time of day was that picture taken? What were the exposure values? Any filters used?

Yes, I am :) See you there!


Yep, Hive it is for me. I'm abandoning steem as of friday. See you there!

Awesome, great to see some of my favourite peeps are travelling across too!

Welcome to Hive!

Communication and community have a lot in common (and so does common).

Glad to be moving across! :)

Already got my packs packed

haha, nice!

Thank you for all the support at Steemit and see you on Hive :)

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