If I were you, I would change my keys on Hive.

Just in case. Because now we are dealing with 2 different organisations, let's say. What happened is that the owner of TRON bought all the stake from Steemit Inc.., and after that he made an attack on the witnesses, using all his stake + the stake the exchanges (like binance) agreed with him to take over the platform and basically become a dictator. Só they made HIVE, and excluded Justin Sun's stake and make other changes to avoid this kind of attack. One of the things they made was to oblige the user to be holding the stake for more than 30 days before using to vote on the witnesses... that's a brief explanation of what happened. you can use ProBit Exchange or BITTREX to trade hive. On profit deposits are working. On bittrex they are "under maintenance".
But I am very optimistic about hive's price, specially without the stake of mr. sun.

cheers my friend. I watch your videos sometimes, have a nice day!

Way ahead of you. Thanks for the heads up though. I change my passwords and keys on every site, no two websites have the same password.

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