Justin Sun vs The Hive

in #hivelast year

Hello ,

It seems that Justin sun wants to push Steemit
In a Facebook like deal
Censoring content when everyone on Steemit actually enjoy the no censorship deal
It is clear that Steemit is going down as we speak like we predicted


You cannot change direction just because you are behind the wheels

Opidia photo

I have seen many ups and downs but that last curve is fatal in my opinion

And the new Hive community is taking over who is willing to leave the Steemit boat


The Hive gives you as much tokens as you have Steem tokens
So it is quiet fair
And as we speak it is already embarking for a new journey
Many platforms already there tried to steal the show but it didnt work


The Hive is a brand new deal and we shall see if it will sting and kill or give us honey