Perfect Crypto Storm

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When all the small and big things align you get the perfect crypto storm. This is happening right now with Steem/Hive. There would be no Hive if Steem never happened, there would be no Hive if Justin Sun didn't buy Steemit and made all the wrong moves that stupendously ended up working wonders for the price of Steem (short term), there would be no Hive if previous crypto projects hadn't forked before from the main chain and continue being successful.

That happened many times with Bitcoin, there are countless forks from that beaten up blockchain, that also happened with Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. I always felt frustrated because of copy pasting blockchains, it served no purpose other than printing more money, if you had 2BTC, you get 2BCH, 2BTC SV etc, if you had 100 Ethereum you get 100 Ethereum Classic. Copy paste money in crypto, it just works wink wink.

All that created Hive perfect storm, Steem price got pumped because people want airdropped Hive tokens. So called pump and dump is in affect, Steem will probably crash after this big pump, but there is a pretty low chance it will actually die.

I think there are different kind of values presented in both Steem and Hive, Steem has all that legacy and history, it can't just die, specially if it is backed by big money Justin provides, centralized yes dead no. Hive is a true decentralized project which brings ideological and community powered movement that is quite different from the rest, plus it just sounds more Badass, you don't mess with the Hive or you will get stung.

From the get go Hive will have more community members than a lot of top 100 coins on coin market cap combined, we will have a brand new chart, less supply. With incoming BTC halvening this could become quite a ride (not a financial advice).

My conclusion is that both blockchains will work just fine, but I'm way more bullish for Hive, it showed that many small voices are stronger than one big one, even when that one has all the money in the world.

I will personally be hanging on both sides, you can't just not curate when you have Steem powered up, but I will certainly post more on Hive because I will always pick decentralized over centralized, at the same time I don't want to just abandon almost 4 years of building on Steem.

This year is shaping up to be a year of insanity, unpredictability, slightly deadly virus and most of all we get to print some more of that sweet sweet honey.


Many good points - but I like the most your statement -"I will always pick decentralized over centralized"

Always, that's the main reason why I'm all in for blockchain tech, decentralized one.

It's extremely tempting to just shit post on Steem for the next couple of months, it's almost like giving Justin what he asked for!

Shitposting might become extremely profitable if you combine it with BTC bull run which brings the whole market up, just like before, I'm sure many will do just that, just like before. I hope to see low amount of shitposts on Hive though.

Especially if they remove the free downvotes and fuck up the powerdown time tables. Although alot of big stakeholders are going to dump steem so it probably isn't worth it.

I mean yeah, they are just forks, but all of them do bring something different on the table so even if the code is same, the main goal is different.

The goals might be different for different forks but the bottom line is that they all used the previous one to spread the tokens and awareness, which boosts the old one and the new one. Rarely I've seen lose lose scenario, it has always been win win.

I'm quite bullish for it as well. A lot of the little things that made Steem so great will be moving over or are ending on Steem. You even have Stuff like Steempeak who plan on rebranding who are trying to work out how long to keep their current site running.

Will be interesting to see how different yet similar both chains are from a year from now.

We will see who ends on top, my logic says the one with the most money, but my heart says the one with the core community. I always wanted to diversify but I never imagined it would end up like this- 2020 needs to take a nap.

So, how many hive tokens will Sunny boy have?

I don't know, we will know more soon. He is probably buying a lot of Steem right now to get the Hive airdrop which he will probably sell to try to crash the price of Hive. He will want to keep the price of Steem higher than the Hive, also in many forked chains the original one is the more valuable in terms of market cap, but here most of the community will move to Hive, so who knows. We will need to see the numbers to conclude anything beforehand. Next week or so will be insane in terms of speculation.

He'll be one of the top whales on Hive.