no problem here. btw you stop your bot service? ;(

How work in this community please guide me

Hi friends, how are you? You will be fine. I saw your post. It was very beautiful. I liked your way of posting very much. I hope you will keep posting like this and keep telling us how to work like this.

Seems the bot is having some issues due to Justin Sun acting like a fucking bitch boy again. They're trying to block the ability for bots like this to communicate with the chain so they are blacklisting IP addresses linked to bidbots. It's a sad move, but not a surprising one. People with confidence issues and little dicks, tend to have a strong desire to try to control the environment around them and since the long standing perception of bidbots is that they are detrimental to the chain (Despite that not actually being factual, just the opinion of the collective retards who feel that way.) and so what we are seeing is an attempt to stifle those 100% legitimate businesses because they simply don't agree with them.

It's nothing new, as the stupid fucking people have always been against bid bots out of the idea that they feel they deserve more for their shitty little posts about their lives, than someone does who's willing to put up the money to pay for a vote. The problem isn't bid bots or what they vote on, the problem is people's self-righteous attitude about forcing what they believe onto other people because they feel that the other party needs to think and believe what they do, or they're "wrong" and it's simply stupidity at it's finest. One thing is for sure, the average IQ of users on steemit has definitely not gone up, it's managed to stay either the same or gotten worse. People here aren't the brightest and try to compare this idea, this concept, this tech... to things in life they shouldn't and they get all self-righteous about their retarded little beliefs, so we see things like we see happening now, happening, because simpletons are too simple to understand that there's room for all and that yes, in a system based around currency, there should be room for people to spend money how they like, on what they like, and the content shouldn't matter.

Steem is trying to brand itself as "social media blockchain" shit but it simply isn't. Having the ability to post words and pictures does not make you one sole thing. They want it to be where people share stupid fucking details about their shitty little lives and get paid for it and that's not what everyone wants. As with the prior owners of the chain (Steem has always been owned, STINC owned more than half of all stake in existence, through their steem official accounts, and through their shell alternate accounts. The problem is, as a social media platform alone, steem is dog shit. The blogging aspect by itself? Fucking horse shit. The trending pages are loaded with alt accounts of single people, milking the fuck out of the platform, but the powers that be are concerned with things like voting bots, because their priorities are fucked and they are simply retarded. You can't fix stupid, we know this. Steem as a social media chain alone is a failure. Throwing TRX in the mix didn't do anything to help it either, it was just a way of the failing TRON coin to receive a bit of a revival and those doing this hoped it would pump the price. Sad shit.

All in all, voting bots are just as legitimate as anyone's shitty little post about their pathetic fucking life, but for some reason people's EGO won't let them accept that there's room for all and that just because you feel something should be a certain way, doesn't mean it should be and you're a piece of shit for trying to force it onto others. Ah well, it is what it is, stupid people trying to run a chain of tech far more advanced than their tiny little fucking brains can handle. It's just sad at this point watching Justin Sun drool all over his fucking chin in an attempt to stifle what his retarded ass doesn't agree with. He's no better for steem than the original STINC was and it shows. If anything, he might be worse simply due to his arrogance, ignorance, and inability to have any real sense of introspection on his flaws and retard logic. Ned and Dan were no different. Steem has always been a hot steaming pile of dog shit that happens to be a good way to earn some passive income. The idea that this will be some major social media outlet is fucking majorly retarded though, so maybe dumbasses on here should stop worrying so much about voting bots and start worrying about not being such pathetic fucking losers, that legitimate behavior that they don't agree with, causes them to be so butthurt that they TRY to take action and just go full retard.

Steem is like bitcoin essentially was, the originator, not the one that's going to win out in the end. :) It's shown time and again that no matter who's got the controlling stake, that it's the joke of all blockchain tech and that even dogecoin, a useless, meaningless, meme coin, has higher value now than steem has had in a long time. SMTs wouldn't even save this sad pile of dog shit from becoming what it was always destined to be: A place for those who don't give a shit about social media, to soak up rewards for alt accounting on massive scales and shitposting bullshit posts cranked out to keep the payments coming. Steem is a fucking joke as a social media chain, but it has major potential as a business platform. If only stupid people would stop existing... too bad.... LOL

amigo saludos desde venezuela agradecida de su visita y voto que de verdad esto necesitando, Dios lo bendiga siempre espero contar con su buen voto

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