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RE: What do you think the price of HIVE will be?

in #hive2 years ago

A year after launch it will be $1.00USD

There will be the initial dumping and buying from both pro-Hive and those pro-steem.

Then there will be a time when the team figures out how to work together. Decentralization means lots of heads and sometimes lots of heads butt (lol) together.

Highs and lows will happen. We are a catty group, so we will scratch at each other some.

Downvotes and upvotes and worth will be figured out.

Migration of dapps will happen slowly, each migration bringing more value to The Hive. Whether it be because they don't like what is left of steem or because they will want the user base of hives, but they will eventually come.

We will work as a community to get more exchanges. And perhaps some exchanges will want the advertisement of "really" rooting for decentralization.

And slowly things will creep up.

Also, as more of the economy has to stay home. It will make sense for more people to blog for $$ and hive will have lots and lots of individuals marketing and bringing in their friends. Except it won't be the promise of earning thousands, it will be the promise of getting small rewards for a coffee cup or two to share your thoughts, and that will definitely raise its value slowly.

Or maybe the opportunity to start your blog without having to pay for a host and the promise of the blockchain storing all your work for "free."

Yes. $1.00 in one year.

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