Is Hive the game changer?

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I read that my posts on Hive won't show on steem, and that I have same account worth as on steem, well that feels good. Looks like I have so many questions which I really want people to help me answer. Some of us stopped posting on steem because we didn't get the kind of votes we wanted. Apologies to those voting me please. We had to beg to be voted even up to a dollar. At some point we were mocked on discord because we didn't have tons of cash to attract people to our accounts, we saw no need of post again when you could hardly earn anything on steem. Like I said earlier I have alot of questions and I wish I get the answers I want.

will the community be more generous in supporting content? How will this differ from steemit? Didn't I understand what I read?

First off I wish to appreciate people who stood thier ground and spoke out, I was really impressed by how the community stood together to fight against tyranny as many labeled Sun. worthy of mention are the likes of @theycallmedan he spoke everyday until sun got angry and blocked him. That been said how will Hive look like? This is my first post and the impression I get from here will determine whether or not I will ever open this site that I want to post. Let's say we are early adoptors, do we have to beg for votes again? Steem was clearly for those who had tons of cash, if you had nothing you were not heard, is true some persons started with nothing but made something.

Will Hive have flag button?

I was always angry when someone was flagged. The community should ban people for a period of time instead of flagging content. There was a day I promoted my post with 120 steem and I was flagged for heartless people who feel such should not be here. I was flagged to $2 😭😭 I felt really bad. After all the struggle to earn steem and someone will have the heart to do that? Will Hive correct that?


I wish everyone well and I hope Hive reach the height it wants to reach. Goodluck

Yours sincerely Melissa❤️❤️❤️


It will still be difficult getting upvotes I am on the same boat my average post gets .02 in upvotes (my first post on Hive got $6.19 and second got .40 but I don’t think it will stay that way) and yes you can downvote posts. Im pretty sure they will hardfork Steem and they might take away down votes on Steem and lower powerdown time but looks like majority of the community is making the switch to Hive. I also made the switch but still keep an eye here. You can always use both and see which one you like more. If interested in checking out Hive use it is steempeak version for Hive.

I hope that platform makes things better for all of us

I believe you are still researching about Hive, please make a follow-up post about your findings and conclusions.

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