Another 'First Hive' post but at least this was posted on day 1 !

in #hive4 years ago (edited)

I'm sad about what happened with Steem but also excited about the future of Hive. All the worst things about Steem have been taken out and something new and better has been born. Something conceived of and built by a community that has been learning and growing together for 4 years.

At it's core it's made up of developers, witnesses and advocates/supporters who I trust, despite not meeting any of them personally. Intelligent and thoughtful people who care about freedom and liberty like I do.

We have such a strong foundation and I think Hive and the thousands of brilliant, creative people using it will attract a lot of new users. Onwards and upwards.

I look forward to seeing what happens next as Hive grows.

Stay Safe.


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