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So finally a good news! My dear witnesses and devs of STEEM have been working on the PLAN B all this while. The Plan which will free all of us. Even the good sir @berniesanders is in agreement. xD

We have had enough!!!! As a content creator & freelancer who solely depends upon this platform for his bread & butter was devastated to see Steemit Inc. Stake being used for personal gain. The projects I work with lost their delegation which means I couldn't get paid, as simple as that. I have learnt a new skill to make videos just to prepare myself for this year because I knew how much crucial it was for the chain. Through my craft, I wanted to help STEEM spread but instead it's CORONAVIRUS that is going viral.

STEEM got infected with one another virus called @justinsunsteemit.

^ I just stated a fact. Justin literally killed this chain by his actions. He has been proved a big-time liar and a scammer on twitter. Just look for this tag - #SteemHostileTakeover. The whole crypto world is talking about him and how he has colluded with exchanges to power up customer's stake so that he can do whatever the fork he wants to do on this chain.

Well, I jumped out of my chair by reading this mind-boggling post from @blocktrades:

Why I won’t be compromising with Justin Sun.

Same here BTs. Hi-5!

and this:

Announcing the Launch of Hive Blockchain


The Hive blockchain (heaven :P) launch will be at 10am EST, Friday, March 20th.

First of all, I am really happy that finally things are very much clear to me. I will leave this forking chain behind! AND I am not gonna miss it. WHY?



Justin wants to get out. So from the new chain we will kick him out. No Steemit Inc./Ninja Mine Stake will exist. Because right now it's the only identity or influence Justin has. He can have STEEM with his bots and human sock puppets. A little secret : "@triple.aaa is a SP in disguise. ;)"




Devs gone. Community is almost gone. Steemit Inc. ninja mine stake will be as worthless as this coin: TRX.



Doesn't mean we will not face bad actors on the new chain. Even the likes of JUSTIN can come there. But then he will have to buy the coin which is good for the existing stakeholders. ;) In short, on the new chain, we will not be having such a stakeholder who takes over the whole blockchain through their influence and money right away. I am sure there will be proper measures because these past few days presented us a great learning curve. Freedom of Speech and Decentralization will be preserved.


We are now focused only on one thing which is development in all areas. Dependency on a single entity like STEEMIT Inc. is gone and now we have a little community of people doing their bit in order to fix the problems. So obviously there will be a separate group within the community that is going to focus on MARKETING & ONBOARDING. These two things were lacking for various kinds of reasons when it comes to STEEM. As a community we have already proved on twitter that if we all raise our voices together it will be heard far and wide. :)) So we will do it for the HIVE just to give that initial boost when the launch happens. ;) It's already in motion. Notice the two most trending posts on Steemit.com right now? :P

Use the hashtag #hiveisalive on twitter. ;)

30 > 5


I don't know how many devs were working for Steemit Inc., but the number was too small. Now we probably have those devs since they quit Steemit Inc., and several other community devs who have been contributing to STEEM all this while. I want to know their names so that I can go and help them in any way I can and applaud them for their efforts. Comments on @blocktrades post has some hints already. :P


Small little things can have huge impacts! This upgrade to the STEEM code will set a great precedence for HIVE to work with. I hope in future there will be many more steps taken in this direction because we learn from our mistakes. And HIVE will ensure that mistakes like Steemit Inc., and Justin Sun will not happen. But hey, it's Crypto World. Anything can happen xD



So we will get the same amount of STEEM which we currently have in our accounts. AND THIS IS THE CHRERRY ON THE TASTIEST CAKE:


These are some of the things that excite me. I can't wait to make my first post on HIVE. I can't wait for my favorite DAPPs to appear on HIVE. All details are clearly mentioned in the above two blogs by @blocktrades and @hiveio respectively. I would suggest you to read them again and again to understand what is going to happen in the next few days. Also read the comments because they have a lot of value and extra info from the concerned parties ;) ;)

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who worked so hard in the past few weeks to get us through this stressful DRAMA. You peeps are mindblowing. I will also work my ass off to get the word out there on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and basically everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!



or probably stay on both the chains!!!! xD You Decide. Because YOU Matter! We All Matter. xD

P.S. - Please ignore grammatical errors. This was an informal post. I was excited and I still am.

All screenshots have been taken from 1 and 2


Hey Prashant
This is so exciting and this post shows your happiness and excitement for new chain.

Now lets #hive on

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