Hive and Steemit, To Both- Are You Nuts?

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I guess by now we know two things about this hard Fork and Hive and Steem. According to what I have seen Justin Sun is now downvoting posts by whales mostly those having to do with Hive. And Hive left out of the copy paste a number of people who apparently supported Justin Sun.

Now both moves are logical and can be very easily justified, Justin might not want the big rewards that would go to these whales given because anyway these guys will just sell the Steem to buy Hive. And the Hive people are right to not give an airdrop to whomever they please.

But unfortunately this just shows the grudges and vindictiveness of both sides, I don't see any single reason of why I should hate anyone I don't and probably never will know personally, this goes for both sides. So I think this is just a very stupid game, get on with your lives, if you have decided you will only be on one of the two platforms just do what you have to do there, forget about the other platform, to you that other platform is just one more of the crypto social sites of which you are not a member.

And it also shows one thing, both platforms are really centralized, decisions are certainly taken by a small number of people who will not take advise from anyone. Now we all know about Steem's many problems so I will not go into those, but I will go into Hive which is just starting.

And I will only point out one, the circle jerk vote, I would have thought this would not carry over but it certainly has, I have been monitoring the new posts for hours and, yes, the only ones getting big votes are those of the same people who got big votes on Steemit, most of the other articles have either zero votes or a few votes and $0.01 in rewards. This could cost Hive in the future, think about it.

I will post this on both platforms, because this is my opinion about both, and take my word, if you continue fighting each other senselessly both will end up as has beens, at least Steemit, Hive is too new to even be a has been.



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