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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams,
This is not your average forex broker blog.

The ForexBrokr Hive Blog

The ForexBrokr Steem blog has now officially become the ForexBrokr Hive blog!

While nothing changes in terms of my actual content, I've made the decision to move with the community to Hive.

From now on, please use the new Hive link above or your Hive front-end of choice.

No more Steem blockchain or Steemit front-end.

Why I'm Moving to Hive

I'm moving my blogging home to Hive because I believe my ideas and opinions should be free from censorship or control by anyone.

Hive is Steem, minus the original ninja mined stake which means the possibility of one entity taking full control is no longer possible.

The entire #steemhostiletakeover saga brought about by Justin Sun's acquisition of Steemit's ninja mined stake has shown why decentralisation and freedom are so important.

I no longer want to be a part of Sun's centralised version of Steem, so I've also made the decision to fully power-down my stake.

What now for Steem?

I expect the majority of the community to follow suit and power-down their own Steem as the exodus to Hive continues.

This means that the all top 20 Steem witnesses will soon be elected on the back of one man's votes, giving Sun the power to do as he pleases with the code.

On the back of this, Steem will most probably be somehow amalgamated into Tron and there won't be an independent chain to post to anyway.

While I've cross-posted this blog to Steem and Hive, this will be my final post on the Steem blockchain.

All future blogs will be found exclusively on Hive.

Best of probabilities to you,


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