HIVE will be home and I will support it with @firepower witness

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It's been a long journey with Steem. So many ups and downs and given how things have been in recent times with the hostile take over a bittersweet experience.

Nevertheless, this was the place where I made some great friends, and have some amazing memories. But it's time to build a new home and Hive will be just the place.

Over these years many users have supported me and I have been able to do the same for many users, especially users from India whether they know it or not.

I hope as the Indian market opens up to crypto moving into 2020. I hope Hive and all the applications that run on it will be the place where people from my geo will choose to share their opinions and content in the years to come.

There are many great plans and the original Steem witnesses have done a fantastic job in ideating towards Hive. I look foward to Hive becoming all that Steem failed to be and more.

I hope you will come over and support these new endeavours from the people who have been here over the last 4 years trying to push the envelope.

It's unfortunate that Ned and STINC failed in their tasks but we finally have another chance at this, and together as a community and it's time to take things up a notch.

We need a real decentralised system, one that isn't prone to hostile take overs such as what we've experienced here. After nearly 4 years and countless hours on this blockchain, it's almost time to move over to the one that I hope will become a force to reckon with in this space in the next 1-2 years.

Thanks to all the original witnesses who have played their part in the decision making and especially to all the Steemians who gave Justin Sun the middle finger.

Please vote and support my witness @firepower.

See you all at HIVE soon!


Thanks for the greatest support all the while to me and many others like me.
Its was not 100 rounds of fire. It was your one hit on my post - a firepower 😉
Surely will walk together into the new home and hope of better future.

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Thanks for the kind words! :)

I wouldn't have invested here had you were not here. Thanks for creating a positive vibe about steem.

HIVE will surely gonna be greatest!

Great to hear that! :)

For sure sir i will vote for you as a witness there as well also will be keep supporting you as you are the face of Indian community on steem and hive.

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Super! Thanks :)

Meet you in hive

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wow I don't know this information

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Steem is just going to become a reward farm again as soon as everyone who cared leaves, you might aswell forget about any curation and it will just be bid botting and reward mining. Doesn't look like Justin cares about the quality of the experience he just wanted users

Yeah seems that way for sure!

Hey @firepower. Do you use Steem just to post or do you actually read comments if people replying? I've replied to you at least once, twice I think but not received a response, so testing again now.


Hi, I'm mostly consuming/curating content more than creating these days and often skim through the replies section instead of individual posts hence I could've missed your comment due to this or for any number of other possibilities. It's nothing personal. :)

Thanks for your reply. Now I have your attention I will compose a comment in the next day or two and mention you to be sure you see it.

Peace and Love

See you at Hive! Looking forward to more of your posts!

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