Can't wait for HIVE

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Hi guys, I've been kind of a ghost on Steem for the last year.

I have my reasons why its been that way. Some things just didn't feel right.

Coming here in 2017, I never really felt the best things Steem had to offer, as a content creator this place wasn't feeling good.

Obviously you know why is that so, back then majority of people were circle jerk upvoting (not even blaming) but is is how it is.

Even when you'd get motivated to write some quality content, majority of time you'd end up not being rewarded for putting in hours of work.

Obviously, with the last HF things did change a bit, and we got some great investors here like TheycallmeDan who was doing everything in his power to help the community grow.

That did kinda motivate me, but it was still not enough. The abuse that's been ongoing for years prior was evident in the air. If you disagree with me, ask thousands of new users that signed up here and left instantly. It is how it is, I don't really care.

My point is, I'm optimistic about HIVE blockchain and this is my announcement, how I will go fully active on HIVE. Not just in terms of content creation, but in terms of engaging with the community and doing the right things.

Keeping that in mind, I do feel kinda bad since I powerdowned most of my STEEM, but when I see how Justin the shithead is approaching this I didn't wanna take no risks. Seems like I was right.

STEEM feels officially dead now, only the biggest of dickriders are left here sucking Justin's dick. And I don't blame them, desperation can be a motherfuckers sometimes so you do stupid things.

Anyway, aloha... I'll see you on Hive.


I remember that time, it really was a hard time for you. Who knew you'd get a second chance with the same better community? Excited for this fresh start 😊 See you on the other side.

Glad to see you boarding Hive.

But The battle shall continue there too, I guess we will never stop fighting for a better Blockchain

Now more room for my referral posts :) Justin will make steem HUGE!

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