Vitalik Watches Closely | History in the making

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Obviously what is happening with Steem/Hive is very interesting situation now.

The main crypto players, and the crypto world in general is watching closely.


This seems like a potential positive watershed moment in the history of blockchain governance. If Hive (the fork) overtakes Steem it would be a strong demonstration that the community is in charge and cannot be bought.

demonstration that the community is in charge and cannot be bought

moment in the history of blockchain governance

These are big words.

Enjoy the ride Steemians we are making history. This is even bigger motivation to continue on the Hive and proof the concept of decentralization.


Me trying to get Vitalik on board of Hive :).

p.s. Sorry for the semi shitposting these days, hope you understand.

Will get back to my more in depth analysis and data posting soon.



I think we are seeing a much from Vitalik as we are going to get out of him. Thanks for the post I did not see him tweeting out about it.

What this does is gives Hive more exposure. That is what he is good for.

For him to come over to Hive would be viewed as abandoning his baby, Ethereum, and he is not about to do that. He fully is committed to seeing that through.

That said, we need to keep leveraging the attention and keeping a guy like that up to date. Each success, make him and the other big crypto players aware of.

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Yea I get that he needs to stands with ETH ... but they may be some space for some sort of collaboration. They do post on medium, twitter, why not use HIVE

I would love to see Vitalik elected as a Hive wittness.

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His involvement could be great.

Good onboarding effort there!

Gotta try these things!

You never know :)

Also if we try multiple time he may start notecing.

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