Stake Redistribution after the HIVE HardFork

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A very turbulent month has passed. We were all thrown out of track by quite a lot. I now I was.
Imagen all those devs working on the Hive blockchain. They have been working a lot. Thanks to all of them.

Now time to get in the routine. What better way than with some pies.


But this will not be those pies. We will be looking a bit into data.

What is the most obvious thing this HF did?

It removed the Steemit Inc stake. Some collateral included in the process as well.

Let’s see how is that effecting stake distribution.

Here is the STEEM stake distribution


Disclaimer: The data in the chart are approximate and not exactly accurate.

For simplicity I have grouped all the STEEM stake in just 4 groups.

  • Steemit Inc
  • Freedom
  • Blocktrades
  • Others

As you can notice the third largest holder, @blocktrades is already at 2%. That’s why I haven’t include more accounts.

Steemit Inc had an approximate 25% share of the stake 71M STEEM in this chart (including all accounts….), next is freedom with around 4% and then @blocktrades with 2% share of the STEEM stake distribution. The share of the others stakeholders is around 69%.

Now let’s see the HIVE stake distribution.

HIVE Stake distribution


Well on the Hive side @freedom is now the larges stakeholder with 5% share of the stake or more just above 10M. @blocktrades is next with 2% share or approximate 5M stake. From the Others group, @theycallmedan will be probably next. But the others group now consists an impressive 93% share of the overall stake.

I haven’t looked closely into the other blockchains distribution I’m guessing that this type of stake distribution is impressive for the HIVE token now.

The Steemit Inc share in the HIVE token is unknow for now as they may have received some stake from the airdrop on exchanges. One of the accounts transferred 3.6M STEEM on Binance just prior to the HF. Also, they may have some other stake on the exchanges as well and may even have been buying. My wild guess will be somewhere between 5 and 10 M, if witnesses don’t put some more conditions about exchanges airdrop.

Another interesting comparison will be the chart for whales, orcas, dolphins and minnows. Will leave that one for the future.

If we but both pies on to another for comparison we get this.

HIVE HardFork effect on stake redistribution


In the past four years with 75% authors share, and a 100 million new STEEM put into circulation, STEEM now the HIVE token have been distributed to a large number of accounts. Without the Steemit Inc stake now the HIVE token is probably one of the most decentralized coins in all crypto. There is no other blockchain that is distributing the coins in a way that STEEM/HIVE does. Usually the inflation goes to the miners/blockproducers/witnesses, or the stakeholders. In our case only 10% of the inflation goes to the witnesses and there is an option for regular people to earn the token trough the Prof of Brain mechanism.

All the best


Thanks for the breakdown..

will be interesting to see how both develop in the coming months.


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There’s a new ninja-mine too!

It’s all the steem from accounts who didn’t make the cut aka supported Sun...

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Weell not exactly ...

No. Not exactly. But, there are a large amount of tokens with no clear path to usage.

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