HIVE is trading higher then STEEM on Bitterex at the moment!

in #hive4 years ago

Just one day after the listing on Bittrex, Hive is trading higher than Steem.

2811 vs 2639 sats.

This is the current situations. Things can change fast, but looks like hive is doing well, and in time will probably get better.

I'm thinking of some sort of giveaways for HIVE buyers in the future :)



It will be great to make a comparison after 1 month or 3 months.

Agree. Time is one important measure of success of any project!

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This is very interesting. How many exchanges is it listed on now?

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Check my hive blog :)

I will be posting my longer posts only there, and will do just a short semi shitposts on steem. Will make a post about it soon.

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