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RE: The HIVE FAQ 😲⚠️📢

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I think the biggest question I have is where all my favorite communities will be based in? Will it be the new Hive or Steem? I think SteemLeo had declared they will be moving to Hive but I am not quite sure what the other communities/games will do.

It will be a difficult decision. While individual users like us can continue to post on both chains, communities will probably have to choose one.


It will be a hard/confusing week for many, next week. But then it will all shape. I will be on both chains too, helping steemians convert to hiveians.

Anyway, if most people use the web interface... it will be quite simple to migrate all of them... =)

I have a slow connection and like many am a mobile user only. I can seldom use a web interface which means my days on the block chain are counted.

You can use @esteemapp or the new stuff coming... =) works quite well for me.

@esteemapp is very slow if it comes to loading. I can not use it with my connection. And if it doesn't load posts only notifications in a list which do not load. I do not know how to solve this.

When was the last time you tried it? Please drop those comments in the discord channel. They will be useful to improve the app, for @good-karma team.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Let's keep working on the positive way =)

Last week I tried it and scheduled it for 4 pm at 5:30 or 5 I noticed it was not posted so I put it back into draft and published it myself. I told it many times before but it doesn't work. 🙁

Hummm... i know that everytime you edit a post that is scheduled you need to schedule it again, because the post changes. I know that's not ideal, but might it be what happened to you?

No that did not happen.
First, they said I can with one account, not with the other. Strange I use the same phone and app.
Next, they said I needed to have the latest upgrade. I did, still strange I could with one account, not with the other.
After the upgrade, I managed once not the second time.

What I do... Log in with active key (they told me it's needed to schedule, strange since it's nowhere mentioned)
I paste the text I wrote into the text field, rollout the tags, choose date and time and publish.
I receive the message schedule succeed
I see the post in the list scheduled posts plus the date above it (no time).

As time passes by it is not posted and still in the list of scheduled posts.
On these rare occasions, it did with it was posted with only 1 tag!

The only way to post the scheduled post later is to move it to drafts and publish it. I can not edit or publish it if it's in the scheduled list that option is not given. I have to move it to drafts because I cannot save each thing I write on my phone.

I asked around a lot, had a dpoll about it but most people do not schedule or those who do are not reading dpolls.

I never write directly in esteem it's too small on a mobile phone (the letters) to work with, to read and have a descent overview.

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