CrowdWitness Announcement - HIVE Migration

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Hello everyone, @svemirac here, as I announced on my personal blog crowdwitness will continue all of its operation only on new chain - HIVE. Our nodes are already updated and set to producing on 0.23.0 (HIVE CHAIN).

If this is the first time that you hear about the crowdmind, please visit our website and check our whitepaper. Everything is still written and bout to steem community and steemit - but we will update everything as soon as possible.

Today, it's very difficult to determine the boundary between the online and offline space. We can say that online space is a natural extension of our living environment, while any decision in offline regime can get its online reflection and vice versa. Instead of looking at them at the level of individual preferences, internet users can also be viewed as a crowd that is capable of realizing various activities that can have a significant impact on their communities. If they are provided with the appropriate environment, these people are capable of performing the most diverse tasks that represent the synergy of collective knowledge and creativity and which in the broader terms are described by the term crowdsourcing.

Graphene grid

We are grateful for all the support you gave us, and we will continue to do all we can to support you and the crowd gathered around your projects and ideas!

Supporting the @crowdwitness is much more than supporting @crowdmind. While we are helping our and many other communities to grow, we continue to support valuable ones that will also migrate to the new chain:

  1. @teamserbia - Serbian community on Steem counts a large number of awesome authors (in voting trail)
  2. @Bananafish writing community is a safe harbour for every writer and poet with amazing fantasy/horror authors.
  3. @steemSTEM - The greatest scientific community on the blockchain - their dapp for hive blockchain is in development
  4. @teamaustralia community by following @centerlink curation trail.
  5. @steemitworldmap let's populate the google maps with all the beautiful travel posts and prove the world how physically and geographically we are truly decentralized!

I also encourage you to support any of the above-mentioned projects. They are just awesome and have been around for a long time. Cheers to them!

Witness rank:

Crowdwitness has been reliable in the past year and a half and we are thankful for everyone who has been supporting us so far. When Justin Sun tried to overtake the chain and block out the community - we decided in the best interest of community is to temporarily shut down the node and ask our supporters to vote for the top30 witnesses which was the main goal.

We are starting on a new chain and now we would like to ask you once again to support us.


I will be supporting the @crowdwitness! 😊
See you in the Hive!

Sorry to see you go, I hope we can work together in the future! Best of luck.

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We would love to earn you witness vote!

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