Excited for this new change!

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I haven't posted to Steemit in a very long time and it's because of two reasons:

  1. My drive in the blogging and video making space just isn't where it used to be.

  2. STEEMIT became a centralized cesspool of whales upvoting other whales. I hope to see a change from that here on Hive.

I always love seeing new projects develop in this space and STEEM was one of those projects that I wanted to see thrive. It became evident after the first couple of years that STEEM was never going to amount to its dream of becoming a decentralized social media platform. There wasn't enough marketing or pull from famous users. In order for a project to be successful you need those two things. Hopefully, one of the devs from Hive will read this and hear my plea. Please use funds from this project to onboard celebrities or have news agencies write pieces on this project. It's essential for the brand to grow. I'll be doing a review over the next week of the new platform and I'll post my results on my youtube channel.

I just want to give a huge shoutout to all the devs working hard on this platform to make a place for us to feel at home again.



Прочитай мой последний пост, там я много об этом написал.

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