Hive Has Been Added to Blockfolio and A Couple of My Thoughts...

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Hive was added to Blockfolio today. It is nice to see Hive in different places, yesterday we got the Bittrex listing and if you have been using you probably noticed the price feed from CoinGecko. The price has been holding steady for now while Steem has been going down. Binance and Probit opened deposits for Steem today. I just checked Bittrex and they still have deposits and withdrawals closed. I expect the price difference from Steem and Hive to continue to grow with Steem continuing to dump and Hive to grow as we are able to fully powerdown our Steem and trade for more Hive as most of us like myself plan on doing.

Steem is pretty much dead at this point with Justin Sun censoring certain accounts and also using stinc stake to downvote posts he doesn't agree with. I don't understand why anyone would want to stay here at this point. I also think the blacklist for the Hive airdrop was a little harsh and everyone should get the Hive airdrop other than SteemIt accounts and the stinc stake and that the stinc stake should be burned instead of being used for any other reasons but thats just me.

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