I am way behind in the latest Steemit gossip. What's going on?


Hey! Good to see ya! Hope you come explore

Hooboy...! Trying for the extremely short summary. Steemit Inc. was purchased by Justin Sun, the owner of Tron. Things quickly grew contentious between him and the large majority of the Steem community. All the developers at Steemit Inc. quit. Justin used the Steemit inc stake to vote in witnesses he’d just created to run the Steem blockchain.

A fork occurred yesterday wherein the blockchain split. Hive is the new offshoot, developed and run by many of the original witnesses and developers. The Steem blockchain is now entirely controlled by Justin Sun and not a distributed network of witnesses. Steem users who did not vote for Sun’s takeover all received an airdrop of their new Hive coin. Your account info over there is all the same, you can login with your Steem credentials. Moving forward, anything posted to Hive does not show on Steem and likewise the other direction.

Whew! Hope that made even the least bit of sense.

Hive will be the true Steem. Steem now is Tron and Justin Sun.

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I agree. It still feels strange, “walking away” from Steem, but it’s really only the name... and I think we can all agree that has plenty of baggage attached anyway!
I’m excited for the fresh start, and overall for the clarity. I intend on finally starting a community, aggressively recruiting, etc., all of which I’d put on hold as I didn’t want it to be controlled by Tron, or to invite new users into an uncertain future.

I am commenting from the Hive site that is still using Steem for now. I think we will have a Steempeak equivalent running soon. I will be sure to post to Hive tomorrow and I can see that becoming my new home. Justin showed zero interest in the Steem community and now he can kiss it goodbye. I will sell my Steem if it is worth doing so.

Same. I started a full power down upon the announcement of Hive. We’ll see what the market looks like as these weeks progress. As a matter of principal I want to try to transfer as much of the monetary value from Steem to Hive as I can, which requires selling Steem to purchase Hive! That new economy is going to need some healthy support at the outset. It’s also nice to think that I could greatly increase my stake on the new chain at no cost! I’m curious how many folks will be selling their airdrop...

I am with a heavy heart leaving steem but I will hang around until it stays afloat @bryan-imhoff

Thanks for the heads up on my post, I'm happily going to go to hive and see what I see. New Normal New kind of 'steemit' I suppose :) Hope to find many of the 'good ole' gang' there :)