Just Hive.

in #hive3 years ago (edited)

Hey whats'up its like 7 month i didn't do nothing on steemit but keep watching some people post , most of time gaming ,
Dtube or Clean planet.

I just see there is a MASSIVE movement trough HIVe cause of censorship of justin ? right ?
I didn't know the cause but im happy to found steem like he was before Uncensored for all.

i Don't know if i will post more or not , on HIVE but i happy to try to speak more about hive for all.

Good luck Everyone , be safe , stay healthy at home !


I was exactly in the same position. Didn't visit Steemit for nearly one year. Now I'm very interested in the new development - seems to be symbolic for independance and freedom. I'm glad such things are happening.

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