Steem Austria Meetup in Graz with @Reiseamateur & @Mammasitta

in HIVE Austria4 years ago

reiseamateur sw meetup graz.jpg

Today @mammasitta and me drove with the car to Graz to attend the local steem meetup organised by @reiseamateur at Lab 10 Co-Working Space, where the blockchain hub is hosted. We needed two hours on the highway from Vienna, but the time was short, because we had a really good conversation.

Lab 10 Wall.jpg

We parked the car and arrived at the location. The owners Thomas & Sandra are really kind and @reiseamateur was really happy to see us. Also his wife was there to attend the meeting. Visit Graz, it's worth a journey!

lab 10 view.jpg

We talked about the steem blockchain in general to explain it to the newcomers. Then we exchanged about @appics, @steampeak, @steemfest, @dtube, @steemitworldmap as well as other projects in the community.

@mammsitta shared her experience from the last 4 years on the platform and we had a wonderful time updating each other about what is going on. If you have also some news, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

mammasitta graz meetup.jpg

See you again at the next steem meetup in Vienna, Tuesday March 31st, at Hug Inn Vienna, the Headquarter of @opt2o and the @globalschool!




Super - you guys get around, I never even left the house, fighting with steemcleaners about cross-posting and such (being followed by a troll since 2 days ago).

Ja war schon ein Stück zu Fahren! Gefallen dir die Kunstwerke von Gerhard Leixl? Ich könnte da mal ein Treffen organisieren. ;)

Thank you for representing us in Graz! :)

Looks like a great meeting! :)

Congratulations on the activity, I liked the photos, greetings from Venezuela

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