Best place to Stake your TRON ?

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I was told to check to see where I would earn the most Interest on my TRON ... I am voting for at the moment.

It looks like Tronspark offers the best rewards. You earn 2.24 TRX every day for every 10,000 TRON you have frozen/ voted for Super Representative Tronspark.

I’m going to see if I can get them to join us here on

Is this correct ? Am I reading this right ?


More Information......


If you are looking for more returns, you can either purchase Pi tokens (1:1 backed by TRX) which give you a daily return double of voting for a SR. The only issue is that you need to hold the Pi tokens for at least two weeks after purchase. More info can be found in the following Telegram channel:



Another option besides the Pi Token is the CITYUPTAKE token. Here you buy the token for 1,35 TRX and it is backed by 1 TRX. A portion of the invested money goes to a Trade Desk managed by a professional trader with an 18 months track record of solid returns. You will provide daily returns from the SR voting and weekly rewards from TD results. In average this delivers between 80 and 90 TRX weekly for owning 10k CITYUPTAKE. They do however require KYC and also there is a minimum investment 25k CITYUPTAKE. So higher rewards but more risks and KYC vs Pi token lower rewards and limited risks. More info about CITYUPTAKE can be found here:

Regards @offgridlife.

I find your publications about Tron very interesting. I think that from now on, steemians should familiarize ourselves with this blockchain. For obvious reasons.

Thank you for sharing this recommendation about Tronspark, I will surely review it.

ps: I see you made the same post twice but in different hives. Could you share with us why opt for this modality?

All best, Piotr.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure which TRON Community was the real TRON community.... so many Communities. There should be a limit. How do I delete one ?

I understand your reasons, but in this case you would be duplicating content and we know this is not well seen in the ecosystem.

On the other hand those communities that you chose to publish apparently do not have publications prior to yours and therefore you are not achieving expocision for your content.

Maybe you would like to approach Project Hope Hive. Here you will find a receptive audience (We have more than 300 subscribers) that will surely appreciate your content. I invite you to join.
You could also receive better rewards in your posts, as long as you write about crypto, blockchain, IA, Tech ...

We will wait for you.


How do I delete one?

In blockchain we cannot delete. What is added to the blockchain, stays there forever.
But you can edit one of the posts, clean the form and say it was a mistake or a wrong post.
You would have to decide. Why don't you leave it like this for this time?


and we know this is not well seen in the ecosystem.

I will delete most of the content in this post so that they are unique..... the purpose of this post was to ask the new TRON community a question about which Super Representatives a new TRON investor should vote for.

I would Love to join your Community..... but according to your rules I would not be able to post any of my previously published Crypto content and knowledge of TRON

Feel free to join our community.

All steemit publications should be original. We cannot allow content plagiarism.
Nor would it be logical to republish previous content. This condition is not exclusive to my community but to the steem ecosystem.

But I'm sure you're very creative and you're always innovating. In this way when you create original and quality content about the topics we address in Project Hope, please share it through our hive interface.

Ok ... I will work on some New Fresh Content for your Community. Will take me some time though ... stay tuned. I appreciate your support and all your Upvotes.

TRONSPARK is a nice SR good job! keep it on!


I need some more TRON..... to Vote more

Also .. join our steem-TRON Star Wars Community Stopmotion Video Contest.... Win Steem and TRON ...

802A8F2A-28E6-40C5-BDB0-216ECA90500C.jpeg stack and earn Sun token!!!

And use TronLink pro wallet. A lot of places to earn..

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