World of Cricket Contest Series | Contest - 1 :: Your Most Favorite World Cup Memories

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Hello everyone, It's been a while since we organized a contest in the community. We are going to start a contest series where one contest will be conducted per week. We are really happy to announce that @steemcurator01 has already offered a package of prize upvotes from @steemcurator02 (4M SP). We will choose a total of 5 winners in each contest according to his suggestion. We would like to invite all the Steemians to participate in our contests to grab the big prizes. For more updates, keep following @world-of-cricket.

"About The Contest-1"

ICC Men's Cricket World Cup is the biggest cricket tournament. During this tournament, the cricket fans get divided into different countries. The first world cup was organized in England in 1975. The World Cup is arranged every 4 years. Since then, cricket has seen some exciting moments in the previous 12 world cup. Today we want you to tell us about "Your Most Favorite World Cup Memories."


  • You can write in any language.
  • All posts must be original.
  • One entry per user to maintain the quality of the post.
  • Write at least 150 words.
  • You need to make your post in the World of Cricket 🏏 community and make sure to leave the link of your entry post in the comment section of this post.
  • Must use the #cricketcontest1 as one of your first 3 tags.
  • You can add as many photos as you want but the proper sources should be cited.
  • Refer this contest for extra points. Your referred friend just need to mention your name in his participation post.
  • You can resteem this post and share your entry on the social media platform. (optional)


This contest will Run for 5 Days. We will receive entries until 11:59 PM UTC of December 19.

"Prize Pool"

These votes will be increased by 10% if the posts are set to Power Up 100% and you are not powering down at the same time.

Winners will be announced on the 20th December.





 3 years ago (edited)

Nice contest.

I would like to invite @saany, @sohanurrahman, @nahidhasan23, @masum71,@alaraf, @whitestallion and @besticofinder to participate in this contest.

Hi am new here I already did my introduction post am from Nigeria

Great contest. I would like to invite @toufiq777, @samuel20, @randulakoralage ,@sandysparkle, @alaraf to join this contest.

Oh thank you for inviting🙊 @damithudaya tell him.. 🙊🙊

 3 years ago 

Nice contest I would like to invite @ajeemon, @sobuj28, @nadimmahmud, @sumon02, @eh-shohag, @mazedulislammasu, @sneha2006

Thanks a lot dear beloved CR.
I will participate in this contest.
Such a contest is really enjoyable.
#onepercent #bangladesh

পোস্ট টি পাওয়ার আপ না করলেও কী 02 এর ভোট পাব।

Yes, If your post is selected, definitely @steemcurator02 will upvote your post. You can earn 10% additional upvote for setting 100% power up.

I would like to invite @ns-porosh, @md-raju, @sm-shagor, rasel72

Here we go with the first one... Nice contest... ❤️❤️
@sandupi @sandu @praveenw96 @sandun98 @dasuni

I would like to invite @salehindostagir @abuahmad .

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