Contest : Share with Us Your Favourite Opening Batsman in ODI Cricket !| Fearless Rohith Sharma of Moving New ball

What is Cricket ?

As we all know cricket is a mind game which takes skills on the game in to play on a intelligent platform. Even perfect skills of a player without intelligence and good decisions making ability are worthless. As a cricket player, he or she have to make their decisions at the right time at the right place and also he or she should have a good patience.

Who is an Opening batsman ?

At the batsman’s point of view, game of cricket becomes much harder and when it comes to opening batsman it becomes much more harder because of the moving new ball. An opener must have the ability of selecting balls which are to be hit, defensed of left in a very very short time interval while having better batting techniques. The responsibility of an open batsman is to build an inning by batting deeper.

Here is the best example, Rohith Sharma, My favorite

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Rohith Sharma, opening batsman of India cricket team, played his ODI debut on 23rd of June 2007 against Ireland when he was 20 years old. Since that he has played over 200 ODI matches having a batting average of almost 49 with a strike rate over 80. As an opener he has played over 140 matches recording over 57 batting average as an opener and his highest score is 264 runs which is highest ever score in ODI cricket.

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Rohith Sharma is one of the most stylish batsmans in the world and he had his own batting style with grate stroke playing ability. He is always at the top of the bounce and plays strokes using full strength of willow and pure timing.

Image Source
He is such a better player to watch and has brought India to record many wins in his career. Rohith Sharma has the full package of an opening batsman and grate player to watch.

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