Happy Birthday Legend Aravinde de Silva

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He is one of the greatest batsmen ever produced in Sri Lanka. The hero in 1996 World cup final.



From early 90’s Sri Lankan Cricket team climbed up the ladder, getting the attention all over the world. Aravinda de Silva was a crucial element there alongside with captain Arjuna, Jayasuriya, Kaluwitharana, Vaas, Murali etc.

Personal Information

Full name - Pinnaduwage Aravinda de Silva
Birthday - 17 October 1965 (age 55)
School - Isipathana College, D.S.Senanayaka College, Colombo
Role - Right Hand Batsmen, Right-arm off break

International Carrier

Debut23 August 1984 v England31 April 1984 v New Zealand
Batting average42.9734.90
Top score267145
Best bowling3/304/30
Retirement23 July 2002 v Bangladesh18 March 2003 v Australia


After scoring 100 in 1996 WC Final



Why is he so special?

He was named as ‘Mad max’ for his intense of aggressive batting. In these times the teams were used to play sensible at the start of the innings and save the wickets. But this system was completely changed by openers Jayasuriya and Kaluwitharana. Then he as the one down player, was not second to the openers.

His idea about this was,
"That's my natural game – I don't want to change because I feel confident playing that way. If someone is capable of dominating the bowling, they should do it. It's the way I've been playing since I was a youngster."

And the other is handling the pressure situations. I have not seen anyone who can better as him for my knowledge, yeah, I have not watched all the matches in the world. So, this can be wronged to someone. If you have watched his innings in 1996 world cup semi final against India and final against Australia you might agree with me.

He is the only player to score a hundred and take 3 or more wickets in a world cup final (1996 world cup). That inning was considered as the 8th best batting performance by Wisdon, in 2002.

One of the five Wisdon Cricketer of the year in 1996.

First man to score 2 unbeaten hundred in a test match.

When he retired in 2003, no other Sri Lankan player had more than his 15,645 international runs or his 401 caps.


So, again Happy Birthday Legend and thank you for the great memories and the service.

Thank You! Best Regards!

Happy birthday to him Indeed in cricket we have seen many heroes ❤️ Lots of love from Pakistan

Thanks for reading the post.. Yeah, There are lot of players I admire in Pakistan.. Soon I'll come up woth one of them

let me give you the name of popular player in cricket Shahid Khan Afridi known as Boom Boom Lala

Yeah he is a great player, all rounder..
But I personally prefer wasim the most

I am a cricket lover and this is a nice post. Thank you so much for posting informative like this.

Yeah... Glad for reading this.. There's a conteat satarted on cricket.. Hope you will join it

I love too much cricket. I always keep up to date in cricket. I am interested. Thanks for knocking me.

Great stroke player, always free scoring with no pressure.

Mad max

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