Application for the Community Curators : Book club community, anyone can share book review for June.

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Hi, I tried to apply community curator. I considered how to attract book reviewers in the world.

It is my updated application. Thank you.

1. The Community or subject areas you would like to curate

There are many people who love books. There are many book clubs in the world. However, there is no active STEEM community that share thought about book. I want to build a book club community that connects offline and online.

Book club with STEEM has three advantages.

1. Motivation

The reason you would like to curate is I want to give book-lovers reward and motivation. STEEM voting is good motivation for writing book review.

2. Together

Reading book together is better than reading book alone. It is difficult for people to meet due to the COVID-19 these days. This community will help people who like books communicate with each other. The comments of people are also really good motivation for keeping reading book.

3. Permanence, no disappear

As time goes by, book reviews will accumulate in our community. Once the review is written in STEEM, it does not disappear. These book reviews can be good content. Also anyone can get the book review with steem api. It can be a database. Then people who like books will naturally come to Steam and come to our community.

2. How to attract book reviewers

1. Promotion in steem community

In STEEM community, book-reviewers use book and booksteem tags. I would comment their posts of them. If you write a book-review in our community, I will vote your posting. Also, you can also chat with people who have common interests.

I write a posting that promote our steem commnunity.

2. Book challenges

I will make missions/challenges for our commnunity. For example, reading book every day. take a photo of the book you read.

I am running book missions on every week. People pay entry fee for joining the mission. Once they achive the mission, get the reward + their entry fee.

Those book challenges make people be active and keep reading book. It can attract new people.

I think motivation is important on running community. I am trying to give members reward/motivation. When I get a account that has high steem power, I will utilize steem power for giving users rewards.


3. Offline community

In korea, there are many book clubs. I think you might be surprised. But it is true.
I wanna get members on offline book club.

I have been running an offline book club for a year and a half. the number of offline book club is 60 members. We usually have regular meeting once a week.

For attracting my members, I made videos from how to sign in STEEM to how to write posts.

Super easy STEEM Signup Video :
How to join book club Video :
How to use goodhabit Video :

image.png image.png

3. Your experience and background on Steem

I am a developer and have played on STEEM community for about 2 years. Also, I am a member of steemcoinpan (one of popular nitrous community). I managed technical part of steemcoinpan. I have been making various tools for steem and steemcoinpan.

I am good developer that can use STEEM library. I made some tools/service on STEEM. For making our community be active, I can make some services.

4. Target

our community target is book-reviewers in the world.

I think Book club with STEEM can be unique book club in the world. I hope this suggestion is accepted so that many people come and talk about books.

You can reach me with discord.
Our community link is
Super easy STEEM Signup Video :
How to join book club Video :
How to use goodhabit Video :

Thank you!


Thank you for your application to become a Community Curator.

Look out for more news coming shortly.

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