Korean kesson: Survival lessons with vik 24

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Hello everyone!!

Have you learned your previous lesson? Korean Language is so easy to learn as reading, writing and grammar are very concise and logical. I promise you won't have much difficulties.

Common phrases in korean

  • 안녕하세요 - Hello ( common greeting in Korea during any time of the day)

  • 주세요 - please give .. (all foreigners that eat in korean restaurants hear this phrase)

  • 천만에요 - you are welcome or not at all

  • 좋아요 - good ( when you are agree with someone)

  • 미안해요 - sorry ( when you did something wrong, not when you use meaning excuse me)

  • 몰라요 - I don't know ( when you want to say you don't know)

  • 화이팅 - good luck ( korean people say it to family members who go to work or to school as well as any challenge)

Grammar Point

When you talk in korean, you don't need to use pronouns as it is clear who is talking. The verb always remains at the end of the sentence.

V + 요
주세 + 요 - to express politeness and respect

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Thank you so much for sharing an important post with us. Looking forward to your next post.

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