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Hello again, and welcome again to one of my article about python!

This time I don't want to write a tutorial on how to program something with python on the steem blockchain, but I would like to try to explain why in my opinion python do it better!

In order to explain my points better, I'm going to put python against other popular programming languages.

Python VS Java


Generally speaking, Java is preferable for the software production part, while Python is preferable for experimentation, but that's not always true in my opinion.

Java is a statically typed language as well as being a compiled language, while Python is dynamically typed, and it is an interpreted language.

In short, VERY short, we can say that Java is much faster at runtime and easier to debug: this last point is very personal, though.

In parallel, Python is much easier to read and understand. These are also the strongest motivations if you are wondering why to study Python.

Let's move on to the other languages.

Python VS PHP


One thing Python and PHP have in common: they are both interpreted.

However, PHP, as close as it is to C in syntax, is not as perfect as the latter, In terms of typing, declaring variables, PHP is just as permissive as Python.
This comparison, however, is based on the intended use: otherwise it would not make sense to do so, Let me explain: if we talk about PHP, we talk about web development.

PHP unlike Python, is cheaper : web servers simply cost a lot less to run PHP than a dedicated machine to run Python for the same computing power and cost.

This also means another important thing: PHP is well integrated with databases, it's old and that means it has more documentation and more people to talk to about any issues, PHP however, sucks enough when compared to Python for other things.

For example, debugging is much more straightforward with Python, it's more straightforward, and doesn't require a web server to do it.

PHP by the way, is not general-purpose: you build the back-end of the web services, you build the API, that's it.

Python VS C ++


C ++ is defined by the most in love with computer science as a general-purpose language. C ++ is almost the direct evolution of the C language: let's remember that without Dennis Ritchie we wouldn't have C, without C we wouldn't have graphic interfaces, network protocols, operating systems ... I wouldn't be here writing, and you wouldn't be here!.

Having clarified the point about Dennis Ritchie, to tell the truth even Python is considered a general-purpose language. In less technical terms, by "general purpose" we mean a programming language with which we can do and implement different things.

Hence, both C ++ and Python are two multipurpose languages, but what are they different from each other? C ++ has a much, much more stringent syntax, it is a medium level language, and it does not shine at all for ease of reading.
In fact, C ++, is not at all a suggestion that I would like to give you, especially if you are starting from scratch.

Python actually turns out to be much higher level, however, C ++ is the least "machine" thing closest to machine language, this means that C ++, because it is compiled compared to Python's interpretation, is more "digestible" by processors, but really more complicated.

Python VS Javascript


Javascript as well as PHP is not general-purpose. Or rather: it tries for some uses, but it is not, Javascript is mainly used for web interfaces.

Unlike Python, Javascript has no concept of mutability and immutability for types - the basic example of lists and sets in Python refers to this.

There are other differences mostly related to typing: both Python and Javascript have very dynamic typing, Javascript too much, but for example Javascript has arrays, Python doesn't, Or rather, lists are supposed to be some sort of array, but they're not.

Python let's say that, while being dynamically typed, when compared to Javascript it has a much stronger typing, and at the same time, however, is not at all practical and convenient for creating the front-end part of web services.

At the same time, Javascript is quite cumbersome when used for data analysis, mathematical analysis or machine-learning.

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