What I learned from steemit is my best skill.

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Just like everyone I am trying my best to keep
me updated to current requirements. It's well said wining means learning.

How my skill developed?

In 2018 I joined steemit and I am super thankful to steemit because till date I found steemit to be the one of the best trusted project in crypto space that's really rewarding.
Steemit is my life's most important teacher. So, at that time I know nothing about blockchain.


When I came on steemit I have zero capital to start with. At that time mana credit was not so essential.

Why I say steemit to be my skill development teacher?

What I believe is that learning is a
a forever journey. You can't say something is now 100% complete. I am learning and will continue to attain perfection.

On steemit I participated in
countless many contest.
Each has its own requirements. At that time to learn new things from blockchain was very frustrating and I I hardly win anything from contest.

I was so frustrated most of people know this probably who were the victims of my misunderstanding @peekbit @retinox the easy name I remember.

However that's not essential to discuss all those participation. So, After few months I was able to learn and win.

What I learned on steemit?

In comparison to any platform majority of good people are on steemit. There are many people who helped me and there's many who are
my role model.

Here with so much diversity I learned to grow myself.

There many thing what I learned. But the most important that I think myself to be pretty good was Strategies manager and Marketing manager.

In 2020, I joined a crypto asset managing firm. I provided them profit of 25% on spot trading with my test trial amount of 250$ within month making it a historic record among their available top traders. But as a patient of hypertension and few bad circumstances rose in my family I had to quit that. Also crypto trading was not what I loved most. I didn't like it to be honest. But I like to learn new and important thing. Like I will also learn
aayurveda after tackling this present circumstances
that's happening in my real life.

If everything goes on as expected.

I will elaborate it with proof.

I was talking strategic
manager and Marketing
manager. Isn't it?

During these years when steemit was struggling about its owner. I got an opportunity to train myself with an Exchange owner. I learned a lot from him about trading and crypto. That training didn't earned me anything except eye opening experiences. He is one of the best person whom I met on Internet.
Sorry, I can't elaborate more about him.

My first Serious work

It was like a strategic advisor for an Australian blockchain startup.

Here is the chat pics. Their community was not growing. So, they asked me to help them.
Finally you could see, they promised me to pay 1% of total supply. I asked them to pay 30% advanced and then everything closed.

There were many loopholes in their presentation, I fixed two within 6 hours for and that worked for them.


2nd incident that changed me


After that I got an opportunity to work as Marketing Manager with a project named ofox finance. They asked me to work on 3 day probation period. I was competing with 10 people in the row. My presence in their community was also marvelous. They managed
to earn 1 million within 1 minute.

After that probit, KoL and many more agents started contacting me. They all believing me as a project partner.
My influence was so much!

Entire community along with project owner was satisfied with my work. He promised me to pay ... You could see..

⚠ But ironically he was a scammer.

So, 10 marketing
manager were left with 10k audience. At that time I hold on and let people know. Many were saying they were influenced by me but finally everyone understood.

They didn't said me anything. I am a person who believes karma. Karma is proportional to intention. As my intension was not to scam people. Karma will not effect me but as a moral responsibility I apologize to everyone and promised that next time I will work only for my project.

The best strategy is to track the demand of Audience and perform accordingly with their expectations. Also learning about blockchain, promotion stretegies and being logical can make you a perfect in any work.

My big mistake was that I was in need and excited as well and ignored to validate them. After that two more project came but I rejected all proposal

Apart from this there are many micro skill associated like logo design, fiction writing etc. I can't say I am perfect but yeah that's just a bit...Ah..


Anyways. Have a nice day!


It is very good you improved thanks to steem blockchain, we really hope you will become a valuable member of our community as well!

Thanks for appreciation and kind word. Sorry for few typing. I fixed them.huh... I love steemit.
Yesterday was our independence day. That's why so many typing mistakes took place. I think so.

Thanks 😇

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Good that you like Steemit!
Thank you very much for your participation friend, you have had a great work adventure, the important thing is that everything is to learn and be better!


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