#club5050 Contest Investing in your Steem account is easy

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Greetings guys,


Am happy to be participating in the contest by @daytona475. It is brill Amin idea which looks to create users awareness about the club5050 initiative and am glad to be joining in today.

The #club5050 is an initiative with was announced by the steemit team a few days ago and I was fortunate to come across it. For me building my steem power has always been my motive on the steemit platform. So seeing the steemit team promote this initiative by handing out extra votes to people so that we can at least power up more of our earnings is quite interesting. Even before the steemit team announced this new initiative I stated making small power ups to grow my accounts steem power with the support I was getting.

The club5050 initiative to me is a wonderful initiative which will in a long run help users on the steemit platform by helping us grow our accounts steem power. When the initiative was announced I quickly picked it up and started powering up half of my earnings when ever my post paid out.

Steem power as we all know is just steem that a user has staked which we can refer to as liquid steem which helps a user grow his influence on the platform. The influence a user will have is by a means of having more voting power. We should know that when a user has more voting power it means the curation rewards the user gets will be even higher and that in turn is always beneficial to the user.

Currently I have a steem power of 1490sp in my account of which 300sp has been delegated out to support some communities and today I will like to also delegate an amount of 50 steem power to the steem.skillshare community. This will at least help to grow the communities steem power and also help them hand out more voting power to users.

This week I have been able to power up a total of 122.790 STEEM to show my commitment to the new initiative. I have been able to achieve this by converting half of my sbds upon payout to steem and powering it up to steem power.


Now I will also like to delegate an amount of 50 steem power to help in the grown of the community.

I will like to say a very big thank you to @daytona475 for organising a wonderful contest and I hope my entry will be accepted. I will also like to encourage others to power up half of their earnings and also to delegate to the steem.skillshare community.
I will like to invite @chenty, @jimah1k and @arahman to come take a look at this contest.

Thank you.


I think the #club5050 will help us in the long run and I will strongly advocate for this initiative thanks for the invite will surely join.

Yes it’s there to help all of us. Thank you for showing interest buddy😊

Club 5050 is a good initiative we must all try to be part of. We might not see it now but I know we'll see the benefits soon. Thanks for the invite and I wish you the very bet in this contest.

As you rightly said it is a very good initiative and in the long run it will benefit all of us😊

I do believe so🙏😇

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