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How are you all? I hope you are well. I am well too. Today I will draw a picture of a little boy lying on a moon among you


Necessary materials

  • A4 Size Page
  • Marker Pen black
  • yollow colour
  • Rubber
  • pencil
  • pencil cutter

1st step


First I bought a white paper. Then I picked up a pencil. I drew the head shape of the children's head with a pencil. Mother shaped her own hair. Javanese baby boys usually have hair.

2nd step


Then after shaping the baby's hair I drew the baby's ears with the baby's eyes and no and mouth and pencil next to the ears and I tried to shape the lips with a sweet smile beside him like a baby girl lying asleep.

3rd step


Then after the upper part is completed, the little children's pants, the colored pants, the little baby still gets two of you, and I forbade him to give me a grape aunt and a hand, I did the fingers of the hand.

4th step


Then when it was done, I made a design like the moon. The baby is asleep. I put it inside the moon. There is a beautiful and charming baby sleeping. I took great care.

5th step


Then I yellowed the hat on the baby boy's head and blackened his pants and fixed the design of the roof. Then my design was finished. I did a drawing while the baby boy was asleep.



All of you will be fine. I finished my drawing like today, Allah Hafeez...



Sleep baby. Good art freind


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