Contest : Share your favourite App from your phone || By @rad-austine || 21th may 2022


Hello friends, greetings to you all, i am so glad, to be here today, to participate in this contest, which is titled: share your favorite app, from your phone it's a very fascinating topic, which is well explained base on my understanding.


My phone houses numerous apps which, have various functions, but my favorite app is called Roqqu Roqqu is my prefer app because i used it every day, it's the app i used the Most.
The above image was edited my me using, flyer marker.

Reasons why Roqqu app, is my favorite app are as follows:

• Roqqu is a centralized exchange, which i used mostly for my cryptocurrency, transaction, trading, investment and to monitor my coins whether they are rising or falling so that i can know when to trade.

• i used Roqqu app to convert my steem and other token in to fiat currency, because their transaction fees is very low.

• i used Roqqu app to pay my bill such as, electricity bill, i don't need to stress myself to Nepa office or traditional bank to pay my light bill.

•i used Roqqu app to recharge my phone and subscribe my phone anytime i run of airtime.

• i usually deposit money in my Roqqu wallet which, i can easily transfer to my bank account for withdrawal.

• Roqqu app is so unique that i usually get referral bonus from it, i have referred three friends of mine, anytime there make a transaction with Roqqu app i get a percentage reward from it, and it's has helped me a lot so with Roqqu app i won't go broke again.

Features and functions of Roqqu app are as follows:


The features of roqqu app are mention as follows:
• Deposit
• Buy/Sell
• Withdraw
• Transfer
• Coinswap


Deposit enable me to deposit my fiat currency, so as to buy cryptocurrency token also in the deposit you will see a column that require the amount of fund either in NGN or USD then below, you press proceed, automatically your money will then be deposited, in the Roqqu app wallet.

Instant buy and sell order

Roqqu app allow me to with the fastest means of buying and selling different types of cryptocurrency, such as steemians, bitcoin etc.
Instand buy: also allow me to buy and hold digital currencies while
Instand sell: enable me to sell digital currencies for fiat currencies.



This is the features that enable me to, withdraw fiat currency from their Roqqu wallet.
Here users can withdraw their fund to wallet.
Users can also withdraw to their bank account, an it's very fast.
users can withdraw to buy airtime, data, pay electric bill and to subscribe, their television channels, it's very fast with a very low transaction fee.


This is the features that allow it's users to transfer their fiat currency, or money from their Roqqu wallet, to another user.
In the transfer column you can include recipients name, then you verify your details.

Coin swap
Coinswap: allow users to change from one cryptocurrency to another such as BTC or ETH.

PhoneTechno pop2 f
LocationEbonyi State, Abakaliki


I sincerely thank @mariaru for organizing this wonderful contest, i hope you all learned from this my unique app that have so many amazing features and functions.

All images used above in this article were gotten from the screenshot of my phone.

Thank you all for viewing my post.

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