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Instagram Steem Skillshare Garden

Even if you live in an apartment you still can have your small vertical garden on the balcony. I think it will be great if all the users of Steem Skillshare experience the power of growing things. Growing plants and flowers is extremely rewarding. We can inspire people to grow Steem Skillshare plants. Yes, that will be very cool if you start to take photos of your plants every time you see a change in it. You can upload a photo on your Instagram and use tag #SteemSkillshareGarden

Steem Skillshare Harvest Swap

We can promote Steem SkillShare in our local community by organising harvest swap fairs. Gardeners and local farmers will come to participate in a fair event meanwhile you can also explain about Steem SkillShare and additional income. You can agree to bring items that cost 5 euros and then swap between each other.

Organise free or Cheap Gardening Classes and offer share progress on Steemit

There are many people who were born in big cities and all their lives lived in the apartments. They have little knowledge about gardening soil and so on. However, people who have big experience in plant growing can easily organise small classes online and offline.

Talk to anyone who will listen.

I think that is very important to share with anyone who can be interested in learning new information and new technology.

Promote Verified Professionals on Steem SkillShare Social Media

I think you can organise many posts by sharing different ideas and skills on Social media like Instagram or Pinterest. You can encourage users to submit more posts for your social media

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It is a very good proposal!

Thank you for your efforts on Steem SkillShare 🥰

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