I am applying as Steem Skillshare Instagram Moderator and Promouter outside Steemit

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I think everyone on Steem SkillShare is happy to see how Community is prospering and growing. I read so many interesting and useful posts daily. The users and moderators are very creative.


What I like about Steem SkillShare Community.

  • This is a super friendly Community who are always supporting creative and talanted specialists.
  • The Rules are very simple and not abusive.
  • The Team is always ready to help and the opportunities are huge.
  • We see in other Communities that it is very hard to let your Contest or post be pinned but Steem Skillshare management allows normal members to express their ideas and be noticed.
  • The Community is evolving. We are currently learning graphic design, Chinese lessons, Painting, Drawing, Design, Healthy lifestyle, gardening and etc.

Steem Skillshare is unique and ambitious Community.

I am glad that potentially living in Kazakhstan I can sell my only course all over the world in seconds without paying extra fees. I tried to use PayPal but it doesn't work in my case. STEEM as payment is like a magic transaction. Steem Skillshare Community is a great llace to publish your online services and trade for Steem.

I am applying as Steem Skillshare online promouter.

I believe I have many ideas how to let Community grow and what content to include in social media to make Steem Skillshare a great place. I can write posts for Steem SkillShare instagram account. I am going to write post by selecting featured users whose articles can be interested to people outside Steemit.

Why am I a good candidate

First of all, because I am a loyal fan of Steem Skillshare and I delegated all my Steem Power to Steem SkillShare. I love to learn new things so I am truly interested in learning users articles and promote them on Instagram in order to attract new users on Steemit.
I am also fan of Instagram and I love to learn different features of Instagram and Pinterest so it will be a good opportunity for me to promote my favourite Community on my favourite platforms.

Delegate and Be Active on Steem SkillShare

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|100 SP|
|200 SP|
|400 SP|
|800 SP|
|1000 SP|
|3000 SP|
|6000 SP|

 last year 

Thank you, we will contact you soon. 😊

 last year 

That is great!!

Nice Application

 last year 

Good work dear friend.
Best of luck dear friend my best wishes for you.

Excellent application! Thank you for contributing to the growth of the community!

 last year 

Just a tiny correction. Did you mean Promoter instead of Promouter?

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