Simple but effective - how to manage 3 different meats in the same BBQ

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Hello again to my blog here @steem.skillshare,

Today a new entry about my "Simple but effective" series about cooking in general, and barbecue in particular.


Because I had few guests, and I was not sure about their barbecue tastes, and because I've been told that it was my duty to impress them, I tried to grill the "big three" together.

The big three are, of course, beef, pork, and chicken, and I added a few veggies as well.

To be precise instead of the "evergreen" chicken I decided to use turkey as for sure the most attentive could understand by watching my photo.

For the beef, I bought a nice piece of picanha directly from Ireland.


For the pork, I stumbled upon these skewers of very particular black pork, from Spain, a very particular kind of animal typical from the iberic peninsula, and to be easy we can say that is a mix from a regular pig and a boar.


The black pork come straight from the market, ready for the grill, so no special preparation was needed.


The beef required few steps in preparation, but still, as the title of this post suggest, I kept it simple, but effective.


After open, it needs to be clean with water to remove all the blood and few minutes to dry out with the help of some papers. Once dried, I removed all the extra skin, and nerves.


It is quite boring, but it must be done, else the meat risks getting too hard once grilled.

Some people, when it comes to picanha, prefer to keep the fat, but I decided to remove it.


Once removed, it is ready to be marinated, I used first big salt, black pepper, dried garlic powder, a bit of black pepper, and rosemary.

Once all the spices were on the meat, I pressed everything with my end quite strongly on both side, to let them get "inside" the picanha piece.



I let it rest for 10 minutes, and then I prepared a plastic bag with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, and I put the meat inside, I closed the bag, and I put everything in the fridge for at least one hour.



The turkey was surely the longest, because I wanted to add all together the veggies as well, and because normally the poultry gets quite dry on the BBQ, it needs an extra effort in my opinion.


Same thing that I did with the beef, first thing first, clean the meat and remove the extra unwanted parts, like fats or nerves or extra blood, the idea is the same, the meat will be more tender once grilled.


Once cleaned, cut it in large stripes, and then in "medium" size rectangles.
It is important that the rectangles or the cubes will be not too big or too small.


After all the pieces are ready, it starts the boring part, but later you will be so pleased that you will do it again, and again I can ensure you, because the taste will be simply divine, I really promise you!


Wrap each single turkey piece with a bacon slice, each slice can be used with 2 turkey pieces, it really does not need a lot of bacon around, just a bit to give extra taste and tender to the meat.


Once all the pieces are ready, cut the bell pepper, and the onion, in a generous way, because it is good that also the veggies must be tasted together with the meat, in order to create a nice combination of tastes.



I really think that the final effect is even a bit picturesque, and quite nice for the eyes, and not just for the stomach.


Like all the barbecue, the cooking process is very basic, and it consists just in grilling the meat, and all the other ingredients, but as usual I wish to stress the importance to think to the fire as an ingredient, that requires its on attentions in order to be perfect.

Turn on the fire at least one hour in advance, as the grill must be very hot, because you need to cook different kinds of meats, and the skewers required the bacon to melt the fat on the turkey to do the trick.

Once you can see a bit of smoke come out from the empty grill, it is the time to add the meat and not earlier.


The beef requires just a few minutes to be ready, if you like served rare like me, else you must decide according to your taste, but remember that even one minute extra and the beef will be hard as a stone, and almost uneatable.

The pork is the second faster, and the skewers required a bit more time to be perfectly ready.




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Thank you for such good quality post!!

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It is magnificent, I would like to be your guest for that barbecue hahaha