My 5 Best Happiness Hacks that I use daily. CONTEST ENTRY

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Spend time to take care about nature

I love nature and I love to spend time outdoors. I live close by mountains and rivers. I believe that nature gives me energy so anytime I feel stressed I go to mountains. My only disappointment is when I see too much trash around natural resources. I always have a roll of plastic bags and gloves to collect as much trash as I can. Unfortunately, people in my city still do not understand that clean environment makes us feel happier


Eat something sweet

Probably, this hack is not healthy but it is very effective. Chocolate or any other sweet makes us feel happier due to hormones and sugar that rises with each bite. I love sweets and anytime my mood is low I always have something sweet in my secret shelf.



I meditate every day at least 20 minutes. I feel much happier and healthier. Breathing can improve so many aspects of human life. Sometimes we think breathing is natural and we never think about its importance. However, deep breathing is really important for healthy attitude to life and to reach harmony with other people and your inner self.


Do the job you like

When I worked in a sphere that I didn't like, I constantly felt unhappy and even depressed. One day ai decided that I want to do only the work that brings me pleasure and makes me happy. Since that time I opened my own shop and sell the products of high quality.


Start to take care of sb

When we take care of other people or animals, we naturally feel much better. Since I got my puppy, I feel happy whenever we spend time together.


Wow. you have explained about some beautiful activities, and I really like this.

 3 years ago 

Thank you ☺️

You are most welcome mam😇

It's lovely hacks! I follow most of them. Don't meditate yet but was thinking a lot about it. Have to finally start some day :))

 3 years ago 

Thanks ☺️

Great happiness hacks you have there! Thanks for sharing.

 3 years ago 

Welcome 🤗

They are very nice tricks, I see why they make you happy!
I do not know meditation, but I have known that it has its benefits


Wow...happy day dear...

 3 years ago 

Thanks ☺️

Very nice activities.

Walking in the woods is a beautiful and refreshing thing for the heart and soul... Well done.

That are uplifting hacks, truly can find happiness in them, my fave is your meditation...

 3 years ago 

Really nice post

 3 years ago 

Thanks ☺️

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