Steem Skillshare Contest, Banner Design. Entry by @calipo09

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Hi fellow steemeans, i'm glad to to share my work with you guys here through this amazing contest. Below is my work and my step by step process.


About the software

I started designing about a year ago even though I had passion for graphic designing long ago but I had nothing to motivate me to do so. I started my graphic design journey with Corel draw but I jumped onto Photoshop and till now it’s what I’m still using even though I do use Corel sometimes.
Obviously I used Photoshop to do this particular banner and the version I used was CS6. I used this version because I’m quite comfortable and cool using this particular version even though there are higher versions which I have tried.

The Design Process

Starting up.

I used a file size of 2480 pixels by 3508 pixels. And a resolution of 3000 pixels/inch. With an 8bit rgb color mode with white as the initial background content.

Screenshot (48).png

Background composition.

I filled the background with a color with the hexa-decimal code; #8208d7 using the fill layer.
I placed an image right on top of the fill layer and set the blending option as soft light. I gave it a blur by selecting the Gaussian blur option in my smart filters.

Screenshot (50).png

Text composition.

I began by typing in the main subject which is “GRAPHIC DESIGN”. And the font I used is “Berlin Sans FB Demi”.

Screenshot (51).png

I further went on to add the other necessary texts and information and the fonts were; Buttervil (Learn), and the other texts were written with Poppins.

Other compositions.

I added two rounded rectangles and circles to beautify the work. I went ahead to place the skillshare logo which I downloaded from google in the rounded rectangle and the steemit logo.

Screenshot (52).png

Finally, i saved the work in .jpg format. and this is the final result



This is one of the beautiful designs I have seen today, well done

Nice banner
Great job

Thanks bro.

Excellent post good work!

Thank you dear. Im humbled

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