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Hello Everyone

I am fine by the grace of ALLAH Almighty and I hope you are all well. Today I will share with you a five-year-old girl's shirt and capri. I will share with you the details of how it was sewn so that if you want to sew it tomorrow, you can too.


14shoulder under the bust
10Under below the waist
16Half the length



Necessary work before sewing

When any suit etc. is sewn, the first thing to do is to soak the cloth in water for a while, because this is done so that we do not use the suit for a while tomorrow.So it should not be too small for us because when we soak the cloth in water, it shrinks as much as the cloth has to shrink, and then I put the cloth in the sun to dry and when after 1 hour I saw that the cloth was completely dry and I took it off and ironed it. Happens.

Shirt cutting method

When I coat a shirt, I place it on the floor or on the table because doing so will allow you to coat correctly and it is also best to cut the length first and then the width. Goes and then it is measured by you and then it is measured by the shoulder and then it is measured by the shoulder and then it is cut and then its fitting is cut. And finally his sleeves are trimmed and with that the trimming of his shirt is completed.



How to cut a pants?

In it I will tell you that I have cut the shalwar so that the length of the shalwar is first taken off and then its width is taken off and then its painch is measured. It is harvested and at the same time the shalwar is harvested.



How to sew a shirt?

The first thing I did to sew the shirt was to sew a chip. By the way, you can apply it around the neck without ironing, but if you sew the neck with ironing, the benefit will be that the neck you have applied will never It won't hurt, and the second most common cause of sore throats is that when they hug, they stick to it in the same way, without ironing the top. The stitches are sewn through and then the neck cloth is cut and then the next back sides are joined. After joining, the arms are sewn and finally the fitting is sewn.And at the same time sewing of girth and chalk is done and at the same time sewing of shirt is also completed.



How to sew pants

To sew the shalwar, first both the sides are joined and then the navel is folded and sewn, then the painch is folded and sewn and finally the width of the painch is sewn. The sewing of shalwar is completed by sewing according to.


With that I conclude that I hope you will like this post.

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