Friend Referral Contest Day 4 |62 STEEM Prizes distributed till now | Win Steem Prizes every day just by inviting a new friend

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Greetings to everyone on this great platform once again, I am very excited to write to announce to all and sundry about the resumption of the new daily contest which is about referring your active friends on steemit to Steem Skillshare community.

This contest would be renewed every day and I would update that continues every day. Each person referred to this community earns you 1 STEEM.

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The Purpose of this Contest:-

This contest is organized so as to help the growth and the aim of this community to be achieved. We have currently about 1631 subscribers and also about 305 active users. I would like the Steem Skillshare community to reach 2000 subscribers before this month ends and as such, I have decided to organize this contest so that more active users would get to know about this community and also subscribe to it and start sharing their skills.

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Rules and Guidelines:-
  1. Announce to your friend the aim and purpose of this community.

  2. Tag the username of your friend here in the comment section.

  3. Resteem and upvote this post.

  4. The person you are tagging should not be an already member of this community if not your entry wouldn't be valid.

  5. Your friend must subscribe to the community and also comment below here that I have joined the Steem Skillshare community.


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Each person referred earns you 1 STEEM.

It should be noted that the above rules/guidelines must all be followed before your entry would be taken as valid.


24 Hours

This contest is organized so that more active users can join and share their skills with us all to help in the growth and purpose of the community. In case of any misunderstanding, you can leave a comment below in this post.

Thank you all for your time and attention.


I invite @luwawudeen, @imuniru38,@pepr and @jemilatu to join this educative community. This is a community where we share our knowledge and skills, we obtain knowledge through others and share ours too. Please leave a reply under my comment session after subscribing.
Thank you.

I’ve subscribed thank you

Thank you for the referral to this community, I have subscribed😊

Done subscribing.thank you

Thank you all for subscribing. 😊

Done subscribing, thank you for the referral.

 2 years ago 

I invite @susariratata to join this group

Thanks @mosman i have subscribe

I would like to invite my dear steemians to join Steem Skillshare Community which is aimed at educating the steemians through skills and knowledge sharing.
Please left a reply after you have joined.
Thank you.

thank you for inviting me to join this group and I will try to be the best

Thank you for joining @putriretnojunia

Saya mengajak @containercell , @realworld23, @bangyen, @sidroe, @aridhaauliya, @muchin, @bangmail, @muksalmina05, @arfdhilah, @ayahpande, @mukhlisamin dan @zawilaceh untuk bergabung dalam komunitas edukatif ini. Ini adalah komunitas tempat kami berbagi pengetahuan dan keterampilan, kami memperoleh pengetahuan melalui orang lain dan juga berbagi pengetahuan serta segala bentuk keahlian. Saya mengajak kalian semua dengan mengomentari postingan ini "saya sudah bergabung dalam komunitas ini"

Saya sudah bergabung dalam komunitas ini

Saya sudah bergabung dalam komunitas ini

Invito a la comunidad a @ferrerloz @luimer79 @decuartae @zhanavic69 @karianaporras @auroragil06 @caleiny unanse, hay cursos increíbles y podemos aprender muchísimo además de mostrar nuestras habilidades.

Gracias por la invitación amiga

Hola amiga Saludos. Gracias por la invitación. Ya mismo me suscribo

Buen día amiga, muchas gracias por la invitación, ya me voy a suscribir

Gracias por tu invitación amiga, acabo de suscribirme a la comunidad 🤗

este no se déjame pensarlo ja ja ja

Gracias por la invitación ya me uni. Espero poder participar en los concursos

Hola bella gracias por la invitación, ya me suscribí

Saya sudah bergabung dalam komunitas dari promosi @mujibrahman

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