Promote Nepali steemian - Weekly contest #1

This is a weekly contest organized at the joint effort of @teamnepal, @travelnepal and supported by @steem-supporter. We thank @steem-supporter for supporting and sponsoring this contest. @teamnepal used to promote Nepali steemians but during crypto crash there were almost no one left and now it seems it is time to promote steemians from Nepal again and we are getting supported by @steem-supporter.

Group 72.png

Weekly contest can be writing photography or any other topic depending upon need and trend. This week writing contest will be about the newly published map of Nepal.

How to take part?

  • Write an article about new map of Nepal, it can be in English or Nepali.
  • Use #powerupnepal tag.
  • Express your views and opinion without creating hate.
  • Resteem this post.
  • Make @ss-fund as 20% beneficiary.

Make sure to read and follow all the rules!

Winner will be announced after 1 week of this post. Winner will win 3SBD, first-runner up will win 2SBD and second runner up will win 1SBD. Winners will be selected based on how much facts you have mentioned, how convincing your writing is and other categories but it will be fair.